Trading the difference in price CFD


Trade both ways

Buy if you expect the price to rise, or sell and profit if the price is expected to fall.


Use your capital efficiently

Pay only a small amount of capital to manage your investment


All day control

A large number of CFDs are also traded outside regular trading hours



You can use CFDs as an alternative way to protect your share investments by taking a counter position

A CFD is a financial derivative that trades the price difference between the entry and exit price and is ultimately settled in cash.

CFDs allow investors to trade the direction of a stock, commodity, stock index or currency.

This instrument is traded with a significant leverage (margin loan), so, on the one hand, entering into the investment requires very little essential capital. On the other hand, it can result in large fluctuations in profits and losses.

It is an efficient alternative to enter a short position (when we expect a profit from a price drop) if trading is not allowed on the stock or commodity market due to various regulatory restrictions.

Regarding costs, trading CFDs is much more favourable than shares, but the investor who owns the CFD does not have any property rights provided by the share.

We offer CFD contracts: Share CFD (CFD on shares) and Index CFD (CFD on indices).

We offer two types of CFD contracts: Share CFD (CFD on shares) and Index CFD (CFD on indices).

CFDs on shares

  • Transparent costs without spreads and lower classic commissions compared to stock trading
  • Use a margin loan and increase the investment potential
  • Make money even when the market is falling - "short sell" your CFD contract by betting on a fall in price

CFDs on indices

  • CFDs on indices represent an opportunity to invest in the movement of stock market indices, which are less volatile than shares and thus carry a lower risk.
  • Flexible exposure to global markets
  • Low commissions and financing rates

CFDs on currencies

  • Currency CFDs allow you to trade the most popular currency pairs on the planet
  • You get prices in real-time from 14 of the world's largest dealer banks
  • Unlike others, TW24 does not trade against you - your orders are forwarded directly to the open market, where you deal with millions of clients worldwide
  • FX Trader - powerful and unique software that provides you with real-time prices, trading volume, an overview of open and completed trading orders, average purchase price, profit/loss

CFDs on precious metals

  • The easiest way to trade gold or silver
  • The cheapest way to trade precious metals
  • Borrow only a tiny part of your capital using a margin loan