Regulated Forex trading


Huge selection

TW24 offers over 100 currency pairs with 25 world currencies


The only direct foreign exchange market in Serbia

Your order is placed directly in the global interbank market.


FX platform

Free to use FX Trader platform that has almost everything a professional currency trader needs.


Low commission, minimal spread

There are no hidden commissions. Massive liquidity on the foreign exchange market enables a little spread of even 1/10 pips!

There are no hidden costs and "fake" price spreads, only transparent and low commissions.

  • Direct access to the interbank foreign exchange market - ECN
  • The lowest commissions on the market
  • We take care of your risk - maximum leverage of 1:40
  • Automatic rolling of overnight positions
  • 22 currency pairs available for trading

Use our specialized "FXTrader", with the help of which you are more efficient in currency trading.