Commodity and currency Futures



Invest in commodities, metals, currencies, crypto, interest rates, stock indices, energy, and bonds.


The potential

Futures have built-in leverage - control a significant investment with little capital.



With futures, you can quickly profit on the price's rise and fall.



Protect yourself from unwanted price movements of stock commodities, exchange rates or interest rates. Take a counter position and lock in your risk.

Trade commodity futures and options on over 35 exchanges worldwide.

Costs as low as $12 per contract, including exchange and regulatory fees.

Take advantage of Trader Workstation TradeWin24 (TW)'s real-time technical and fundamental analysis tools and risk/price ratio analysis tools.

Discover the latest "SpreadTrader", which allows you to create combo orders easily and spreads based on 18 predefined strategies or open your own "leg-by-leg" position.

""ComboTrader" is also completely free, with which you can manually create a unique combination of orders "leg-by-leg" or a complex combination of orders using existing templates.

There is also a unique tool, "Index Arbitrage Meter", which shows the extent of the premium (or discount) on futures prices from the most recent month above (or below) the fair future value concerning the price index.