Trading gold and silver Metals


Effective and practical

Owning gold is quite easy as it does not require physical storage and safekeeping


A keeper of value

Gold is traditionally considered a hedge against inflation



The price of gold achieves a stable annual growth on average


Less risk

Gold cannot go bankrupt

Why invest in gold?

  • Gold is the best asset insurance against economic uncertainty and financial market risks
  • Gold is not an imaginary security, but is physically available to the customer and is easily transferable
  • Gold is the most wanted investment product in the world
  • Gold can never become worthless
  • Gold can be traded and sold all over the world

Trade TRADEWIN24 Gold (Spot Gold) and TRADEWIN24 Silver (Spot Silver) directly on the London Bullion Exchange, which is the center for international trading (Over The Counter - OTC) for gold and silver.

  • Low and transparent commissions
  • Effective price targeting in affordable quantities
  • TRADEWIN24 Spot Gold and TRADEWIN24 Spot Silver as an alternative to gold futures
  • Investing with leverage