Why TradeWin24 ?

Best price / quality ratio!

With the lowest commercial commissions on the market you already have the advantage. If we add to this the free use of the exceptional platform Trader Workstation TradeWin24, education, the informative web portal www.tradewind24.net and the analysis of our professionals then it is clear that you have all the preconditions for successful investment.

We are different. Confidence and openness in relation to the client is the basic rule of our business. Transparent charge structure without hidden costs is what we are proud of.

We continue to be leaders in the introduction of new technologies in the stock market field. We do not want average solutions, we strive for perfection while performing all business activities. With the new Trader Workstation platform TradeWin24 , your trading orders are executed in a split second, whether it's an American, European or Asian stock market. One click from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone and your order is realized. Just like Wall Street professionals do it.


Direct access to the global markets

Trade on more than 100 stock exchanges in 24 countries of the world!

Safe & Secure

Direct access to shares, bonds, options, futures, CFD, ETF, Forex and many other markets from a unique multi-currency account.


Access to the market for 24 hours a day to keep in touch with global stock exchanges and your investments.

Direct access

We are the only ones who offer DIRECT access to regulated world markets (DMA-direct market access). Your orders are transmitted in a split second to NYSE, NASDAQ, CBOT, Euronext, Xetra, LSE and other world regulated stock exchanges.

Trading Workstation TradeWin24 - platform with innovative technology

We have created a trading platform that provides the best prices for executing your investments, ultrafast and efficient trading and a large global range of financial products. Also, our professional technology has advanced trading tools for creating investment strategies according to your preference with the integration of news and all about information necessary for successful investment.

Trading platform TW

Platform Trader Workstation TradeWin24 is designed by professional traders and is specialized for trading stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies and other financial instruments on over 100 world stock exchanges. When creating a platform, we always kept in mind the following needs of active traders:

  • Optimizing speed and efficiency (TW)
  • Platform availability from any mobile device (TW Handy Trader for IOS, Android, Blackberry)
  • Simplified use based on html technology (TW WebTrader)

Advanced trading tools

Our risk control packages (TW Risk Navigator, TW Model Navigator, TW Analyst Option ...) and other advanced trading tools will provide you with support and assistance in implementing an optimal investment strategy in a variety of financial instruments. For example, using "Probability Lab" or "Option Strategy Lab", trading options become very easy without excessive mathematical calculations. The automatic calculation of your account balance is in real time, and the calculation of the initial margin or total purchase power (cash + margin) is calculated at the moment of the release of the trading order. In short, investing comes very simple and the risk is always under your control.

Types of orders

The Trader Workstation TradeWin24 (TW) platform supports over 60 types of trading accounts, from the most basic limit orders to the most complex algorithmic trading models. Combined it gives you the opportunity to carry out a wide range of investment and trading strategies.

Sophisticated risk management program

Real-time market risk management and monitoring provides a comprehensive measure of your risk exposure through various financial assets around the world. Consequently, you can quickly respond to the market, thus gaining a major advantage over other participants.

Financing and short selling

Now you have the opportunity to automatically borrow funds from your broker and invest much more capital than you have on a cash account (margin loan). Margin loan provides extremely favorable borrowing terms, which can significantly increase the investment potential. The real-time tracking system of margin accounts continuously monitors and tests the limits for each order separately.

On the other hand, you also have borrowing of financial instruments (short selling) at your disposal that allows you to profit and when the prices are falling. The processes of activating the trade through short selling are automated and available one-click away from you.

Reporting and analytics

With the help of a professional reporting system "Portfolio analyst" and advanced tools such as "Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)" you have constant access to up-to-date data and the ability to measure and analyze the performance of your investment strategies.

Portfolio Analysis and Monitoring

The TW Portfolio Analyst reporting service is highly informative and user-friendly covering all aspects of the trading account while maintaining the flexibility of the settings. It effectively delivers certificates of orders and realization, details of margin account, transaction cost analysis, and in depth analysis of portfolios on as many as 30 pages.

All the performance of your portfolio can be graphically compared to performance in a specific industry giving it an analytical view regarding the yield.

Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

Transaction cost analysis (TCA) is a system that monitors the execution of your accounts and compares them with the current benchmark for different categories: price, volume, time, commission, order type, currency ... at 2 instants:

  • at the time of the order
  • and after execution of the order

With this information, better operational performance in trading is achieved.

Reports on trading and realization

You have the ability to create and customize pdf reports on your trading activities related to transactions, orders, positions, cash and margin accounts.

Daily reports on the margin account

These reports show all the details of the status of the margin account on the daily level. The current amount of the initial margin and the potential for purchasing.

TradeWin24 - Broker with tradition

As a fully licensed and regulated broker in Serbia, we have adopted strict rules and procedures of the Securities Commission of the Republic of Serbia and the National Bank of Serbia (NBS). Due to the nature of the global business that we are involved in, our rigid control mechanisms and regulations are fully in line with the strictest principles set by the European MIFID Regulation and the US Agency FINRA.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (KHOV) is an independent and independent state organization that regulates the capital market in the Republic of Serbia since 1990. The basic task of KHOV is the legitimate, fair and transparent functioning of the capital market and the protection of investors.

The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) is one of the regulators that constantly monitors the compliance of TradeWin24 operations with legal regulations in the area of financial operations.

NBS is the central bank of the Republic of Serbia whose main goal is to achieve price and financial stability in the country with supervision of the performance of the insurance industry.

In the process of obtaining a trading license in the USA, TradeWin24 has successfully passed all detailed checks by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the highest regulator of the financial industry.

FINRA is an independent organization authorized by the US Congress to protect investors by making a fair and transparent environment for the functioning of the stock market. It controls nearly 4,000 brokerage houses with 644,000 active brokers operating on US stock exchanges.