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  • TradeWin 24 provides corporate hedging services for companies that trade commodities or have particular exposure to changes in commodity prices and exchange rates.
  • In addition to trading companies, commodity and currency hedging services are also used by large producers in the field of metal processing, grain and oilseeds, chemical industry, oil companies, etc.
  • The basic purpose of this service is to control the risk of forward purchases and/or deliveries, i.e. protection against unwanted price movements of stock exchange commodities and exchange rates, in our cases mostly the EUR/USD parity./li>
  • TradeWin 24 provides commodity hedging services through standardized financial instruments, primarily through futures contracts and options on the NYBOT/CBOT organized market, as well as other markets of the largest group for global markets, the CME Group.
  • Currency hedging is done directly on the FX market by buying or selling currency pairs.
  • Effective commodity and currency hedging will allow you to:
  • ▪ "lock in" the profit
  • ▪ ensure stable growth in the long term
  • ▪ reduce the exposure of business to external factors that, at the time of occurrence, you cannot influence
  • ▪ you have more space in cooperation with customers, suppliers and banks


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