Why stocks?


Growth potential

If you choose the right stock, your savings/investment can grow strongly over time.



Since stocks are traded in the millions every day, you can always get out or re-enter the investment



Some stocks in the stock market pay an excellent dividend every year. You can spend the dividend or reinvest it again.



You choose which company you invest in. You decide when you want to buy or sell a share.

Investing in stocks in developed countries has long been a part of everyday life for professionals and ordinary people engaged in entirely independent business from the stock market. Most families in the United States increase their savings by investing in stocks.

Did you know that long-term investment in stocks brings the highest return compared to other investment alternatives such as savings, real estate or domestic pension funds?

For example, the American S&P 500 index, as a benchmark of stock market movements, has had an average yield of about 11% per year since 1957 (when it was created), including all recessions and crises in that period!

Investing in stocks and regulated access to more than 150 stock exchanges in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia is now available just a click away from you.

The best time to start investing was yesterday. The next best moment is NOW!

Dividend yield

Top 5 stocks

A dividend is the distribution of a company's profits to its shareholders. When the company operates with a profit, the shareholders' meeting, depending on the business policy, decides to distribute a part of that profit to its co-owners, the shareholders.

The decision on the distribution of profits is made once a year, but dividends can be paid quarterly, semi-annually or in full once a year. Dividends can be paid in cash or additional shares that you can sell on the stock market after payment and thus cash out.

Dividend yield is an excellent way of saving while waiting for the share price to rise, i.e. capital gain. The top 5 highest dividend paying stocks right now are:

DOW Inc.

DOW is a chemical company from Michigan, USA, which is part of The Dow Chemical Company, the largest chemical holding company in the world. It produces plastics, various chemicals, and products for industry and consumers.

The company's market value is currently around USD 37 billion (July 1, 2022). The company is known for its history of regular dividend payments to shareholders, and the current dividend yield per share is around 5.43% per annum (07/01/2022).

Verizon Communications Inc.

VZ is one of the three largest telecom operators in the USA. By the way, the telecommunications sector belongs to the defensive sector on the stock market, which means it is resistant in times of crisis because business is very stable. Verizon belongs to a group of large companies with a market capitalization of more than 200 billion dollars.

Dividends are paid regularly, and the current expected dividend income is around 5% per year.

IBM Corp.

IBM is a legendary technology company from New York, USA, founded in 1911. It deals with the production of computers and components, software, hosting, and consulting. Huge funds are invested in research and development, and they are known for being the record holder for the number of registered patents in the USA for 28 years. The company has over 280 thousand employees and operates in 171 countries. It currently pays its shareholders a dividend of 4.7% per year.

Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc.

WBA is an American global pharmacy chain and drug wholesaler. The company's revenue in 2021 was over 132 billion dollars, while the net profit was 2.54 billion. It pays its shareholders an annual cash dividend, which is currently around 4.8% per year.

Devon Energy Corporation

DVN is an American oil company from Oklahoma. The current market capitalization is about 37 billion dollars (07/01/2022). It has approximately 1,600 employees and has proven reserves of about 1.6 million barrels of oil and gas. The current dividend yield per share is as much as 9.22%. The dividend of this company is paid to shareholders quarterly and in cash.

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